Fruit and Vegetables


With sliced cabbage, salt and a portion of patience, you get a vitamin and mineral bomb for the whole winter that is second to none. The special thing about this natural product is the natural (not added) lactic acid bacteria. These cause a kind of “policing or protective function” in the human intestine. Researchers say that the lactic acid bacteria penetrate the stomach acid alive, settle in the intestine and thus form a healthy intestinal flora.

Schöni sauerkraut is characterised by its extraordinarily mild taste. As a result, it can be combined with numerous side dishes to create tasty dishes. There are almost no limits to your imagination. Sauerkraut is healthy and versatile: delicious with fish and meat, refreshing in stews, “”Spätzli”” and potato dishes, lightly with raclette and in fondue, and enriching leftovers, and is the perfect topping for hot dogs and hamburgers. Enjoy!

Red Cabbage

With Schöni-Red Cabbage you have a largely natural speciality at your disposal, which is not only appreciated during the game season.

Schöni red cabbage is indeed “Made in Switzerland”: grown and lovingly processed in Switzerland. The cultivation is based on the strict guidelines of the Suisse Garantie or Bio Suisse.

The harvest is largely done by hand. Each head is cut off individually and carefully prepared while still in the field. Similar to white cabbage, the stalk is removed from the middle of the head in the factory. It is then cut into fine strips and cooked gently.

The red cabbage is a component of many fascinating dishes.The mild Schöni Red Cabbage-Kraut can be easily combined with various dishes.The mild Schöni Red Cabbage can be easily combined with various dishes. It only needs to be heated. Of course you can refine our red cabbage according to your personal preference. Enjoy!


Our beetroot comes from different areas of Switzerland. The carefully selected producers are experts in their field.

We process different types of beetroot, which are harvested between August and late autumn.

The boiled and peeled beetroot is filled whole, diced or cut into fine strips. In this way, a largely natural beetroot product is created. We offer you our delicious ready-to-eat beetroot salad, but we are also happy to recommend the cooked beetroot so that you can create your own beetroot recipe. Treat yourself!


With passion and joy we produce not only sour but also sweet things. Family-Swiss-Quality: Somehow, it’s clear that fruit specialities also suit us! Enjoy!