Of Family, Tradition & Innovation.

In 1920, Ernst Schöni produced sauerkraut for the first time and distributed it by bicycle and trailer in the neighbouring villages to Rothrist. With this he laid the foundation stone for our family business. It cannot be taken for granted that in almost 100 years the company has developed into the market leader in our country. Much foresight, care, courage and entrepreneurship led to this.

We are grateful for the loyal and committed employees on whom we can count every day. Without our long-standing producers, who supply us with healthy and fresh raw materials, our specialities would not exist. Thanks to the strong and cooperative customer relationships, our products can be found on almost every shelf and in every professional kitchen.

To lead the company in the fourth generation is an honour and an obligation at the same time. The balance between maintaining what has been achieved and striving for innovation is the challenge. My mission is to create the most natural and fine specialities for young and old alike, as well as for the professional chef.

I would be pleased and grateful if you would continue to accompany us on this journey.

Yours, Andrea Schöni