About us

Welcome to the Schöni Family

Schöni Swissfresh AG is a family business. It will remain so in the future. The Schöni family is involved in the daily business through the commitment of Daniel and Andrea Schöni. They are passionate entrepreneurs and therefore close to their customers and employees.

Our values

Long-standing employees belong to the large Schöni family, we know each other well. Every employee of the Schöni Group is valuable and important. This is expressed in a spirit of partnership and cooperation.

High motivation

We are there for our customers. We give everything to solve their problems. This is only possible thanks to the above-average commitment of our employees.


Financial independence gives us entrepreneurial freedom, which we want to preserve.


We share our economic success with disadvantaged people at home and abroad. In this way we support social and charitable projects, for example institutions for women, the sick, and children in India and Africa.

Future prospects

Together with our employees, our long-standing customers and partners, we are facing an exciting future, ever fiercer competition and increasing demands for high-quality, yet inexpensive food. In this demanding environment, we are striving for solid growth.