Sauerkraut is more than a side dish. Sauerkraut is variety, innovation. That’s why we set new trends with novelties like the Barbecue Kraut. Or we invite you to get to know cabbage or vegetables as modern superfood with Vital Kraut. Or pick up – as with Kimchi – trends from faraway countries. Schöni creates and inspires.

Original Benrnies Salads

Regionality is a trump card. We launch the traditional bestsellers in three varieties. The salads are ready-to-eat with light sauces for modern cuisine, but can also simply be supplemented according to a home recipe.

Pumpkin Cubes

For the fine cuisine, whether at home or at the professional: Thanks to the gentle “under vacuum” process, the Schöni pumpkin cubes retain the natural aroma of butternut pumpkin and present themselves as if freshly harvested. The ideal basis for delicious pumpkin soups. Puree, bring to the boil and refine according to your own recipe.


Kimchi is a lactic acid fermented vegetable mix, with chinese cabbage, carrots, spring onions and radish. We recommend adding spices like chili, garlic, ginger and paprika to the vegetables.
– Korean specialty and national dish
– vitamins B and C, potassium, magnesium
– Lactic acid bacteria / probiotics

BBQ Kraut Chili and Onion

…two different brothers, one wild, temperamentally freaked out and daring. The other discreet, peace-loving, balanced and adapted. Which one is your type? …at a barbecue, in a hamburger, in a hot dog or simply with a piece of meat.

BBQ Kraut Chili and Curry 1 kg

Here we present the food service version of the trendy Schöni BBQ herb. Fits perfectly to the theme of grill and summer. Surprises and tastes fantastic.

Raw fermented vegetables

Raw fermented vegetables have been known for centuries for their valuable properties in many cultures around the world. Besides the delicious taste, it contains active lactic acid bacteria and natural enzymes. It is excellent as a salad, as an accompaniment to meat dishes or as a vegetable stew and can be supplemented with various spices (paprika, curry etc.).